42 reasons to advertise in LocalReachout

1.  Location ! Location ! Location !

2. Right message to right people at right time

3. Time to campaign – short planning and realization

4. Hyper targeting – (demographic, income group, geographic)

5. Cost effective

6.  its eye catching, mesmerizing

7.  Content can be changed on the fly – helping to inform target audience, inform patrons, provide emergency system

8. Convenient – Ease of use and accessibility – no need to drive and post your ad – one stop shop for easy marketing

9. Your competition also uses LocalReachOut

10. Its always on

11.  Brand awareness and strong awareness

12. Reaches out to tens of people on a daily basis

13.  Your brand message is delivered continuously and frequently

14. Your ad is strategically placed where it is virtually impossible to ignore. And because your message is presented in such an intimate setting, it is received on a much more personal level…creating higher viewer recall, familiarity, and trust.

15. Higher viewer recall rate

16. LocalReachout catches your audience at the rare time each day when they are literally starving for something to read.? The billboards serve as a neat, well maintained alternative to newspapers and magazines in restrooms.

17. Repetition – Advertising is all about repetition. People generally need to see or hear about something 7 times until they act on it. Outdoor advertising allows you to place ads that people will see over and over as they drive on their weekly routines.

18. Easily Seen and noticed

20. Makes strong impression

21. Lower cost per thousand exposures

22. Most visible

23. Reach higher portion of your targeted audience

24. Cost effective compared to other media

25. Generates awareness and name recognition

26. Maintain brand presence in the market over the time

27. Increases your sales

28. Increases your store traffic

29. Allow for repeated exposure of your message

30. Ability to put more information – Uniqueness of your product/service, benefits of your product/service

31. Easy to tell reason why customer should choose your product

32. You can use a clever slogan/phrase – you can easily change it too!

33. You can include powerful visual image to make you remember

34. What you see often is what you believe – Thats LocalReachOut

35. Its large!!!

36. It cannot be thrown away

37. It cannot be switched off or tuned out

38. It takes you directly where you want to advertise

39. It works same way as Billboards – According to a study of billboards

  • Learned about an event they were interested in attending (58%)
  • Learned about a restaurant they later visited (58%)
  • Talked about something funny they saw (56%) on a  billboard
  • Been reminded to tune into a TV program (33%) or a radio station (44%)
  • Noted a phone number (26%) or Web site address (28%) written on an  billboard
  • 72% of billboard viewers frequently or sometimes shop on their way home from work
  • 68% frequently or sometimes make their shopping decisions while in other shops
  • 38% make the decision to stop at the store while on they shop
  • 24%  say they were motivated to visit a particular store that day because of an outdoor ad message
  • 32% visited the retailer they saw on a billboard later that week
  • 50% reported receiving directional information from a billboard
  • 24% said they have immediately visited a business because of an outdoor ad message

40. Memorization  – 84% of people remember the ad they see

41. Greater reception – A casual, relaxed environment

42. A Welcome alternative to staring at a blank wall